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Enjoy High Quality Insurance Plans Designed for You

Because we value your membership in the ASCE, we are committed to providing you with a single resource for your personal and professional insurance needs. And through the power of group purchasing, we can offer you quality coverage at affordable rates!

This site is dedicated to helping you learn about all of the plans offered through the ASCE Member Insurance Program. Here, you can quickly and easily access plan descriptions through downloadable brochures, request coverage using downloadable applications, and contact a customer service representative for any assistance you may require.

We urge you to take some time to review the options you have to help protect your family and career so you can start building your insurance portfolio with quality, portable coverages today!

Group Term

With ASCE Group Term Life Insurance, you'll have access to the following benefits:

  • Apply for up to $1,000,000 of member and spouse coverage.
  • Affordable, highly competitive Group Rates.


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Group 10-Year

With ASCE Group 10-Year Level Term Life Insurance, you'll have access to the following benefits:

  • Apply for up to $2,000,000 of coverage for both Member and Spouse.
  • Competitive group rates guaranteed for a 10-year term


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Group 20-Year

With ASCE Group 20-Year Level Term Life Insurance, you'll have access to the following benefits:

  • Apply for up to $2,000,000 of coverage for both Member and Spouse.
  • Competitive group rates guaranteed for a 20-year term


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Professional Liability Insurance

Vital Coverage to Help Protect Your Career

The possibility of being sued is a reality for all engineers. That's why securing high-quality Professional Liability Insurance coverage is crucial. As a member of ASCE, you have privileged access to the ASCE Professional Liability Program, helping protect your firm from negligent acts, errors, and omissions.

Innovative Features
  • Designed for a Wide Range of Protection Requirements
    Provides the per claim and aggregate limits to meet your business needs.
  • Experienced Claims Assistance
    Appoints expert defense counsel and helps pay for legal costs and other claim expenses, up to limits of liability.


Major Medical

With ASCE Major Medical Health Insurance, you'll have access to the following benefits:

  • Ambulatory patient services (such as doctor visits and other care you receive as a "walk-in" as opposed to services a person receives as an "inpatient" at a hospital or other care facility)
  • Emergency services - These include care received in an Emergency Room


Short-Term Medical

If you are between jobs or a recent graduate searching for a job with employer-sponsored benefits, you may want to consider temporary medical coverage like ASCE Group Short-Term Medical Insurance.

  • Ideal for anyone experiencing a gap in coverage
  • Coverage from 30 to 365 days, as early as the next day


Medicare Supplement

To help you make an informed decision on whether or not this coverage is right for you, below are some examples of medical expenses partially covered by Medicare:

  • Deductible and coinsurance
  • Custodial nursing home care


Life Line Screening

Did you know that you may be at risk for life-threatening diseases and yet have no symptoms? Life Line Screening can evaluate your risk for several of today’s most critical—and often undiagnosed—healthcare problems.

  • Stroke/Carotid Artery Screening: Strokes are most commonly related to plaque build-up in the carotid artery. This ultrasound test is performed by applying gel and a transducer along your neck to view the carotid arteries for blockage.
  • Atrial Fibrillation: An ECG device is used to determine whether or not you have Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB), or an irregular heartbeat. Adults over 40 have a 1 in 4 chance of developing AFIB in their lifetime. A diagnosis of AFIB means that your risk for stroke increases five-fold.


Save time and money on your prescriptions with GoodRX:

  • Simply head to asce.goodrx.com to look up current drug prices, available discounts, and savings tips for virtually every licensed pharmacy in the U.S.- including Costco, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and more.
  • No sign up or payment needed- just enter the name of your drug and your location to immediately see price comparisons and similar drugs that could reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

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Visit the ASCE GoodRX Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tool

More business solutions from the organization you trust

Let ASCE provide commercial business insurance beyond your Professional Liability coverage!

We’re partnering with three top-rated carriers to bring you more options than ever before: Business Owners’ policies, Commercial Auto coverage, and Workers’ Compensation insurance. Ensure business stability and security with member-only business insurance solutions from ASCE.Business Owners’ Policy: Provides comprehensive coverage for your business building and business personal property. Commercial Auto: Don’t be caught off guard should your business automobile be involved in an accident. Workers’ Compensation: It’s the protection you need for your business and your employees in the event of an injury or illness.

We offer:

Also available:

  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Bonds

Group High-Limit Accident Insurance

With ASCE Group High-Limit Accident Insurance, you'll have access to the following benefits if you are injured in an accident:

  • Your choice of $50,000 to $500,000 Principal Sum (in units of $50,000)
  • Spouse and Dependent Children coverage available
  • Common Carrier Benefit
  • Repatriation Benefit
  • Rehabilitation Benefit


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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care planning is essential to helping prepare for your future and your family's.Our Long-Term Care Insurance Program includes:

  • Special discounted rates for ASCE members—save hundreds of dollars per year
  • Same discounted rates for spouses, domestic partners, parents, and adult children
  • Comprehensive plans from multiple highly rated insurance carriers
  • Assistance with your questions on the program's costs and benefits through a partnership with Long-Term Care Resources, a National Network of Long-Term Care Specialists


Group Disability Income Insurance

With ASCE Group Disability Income Insurance, you'll have access to the following benefits if you become Totally Disabled:

  • Choose from two plan options: Career Plan and Five-Year Plan
  • Your choice of monthly benefit (from $150 to $7,500 per month)
  • Your choice of waiting period (30, 90, 180, or 365 days)


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Catastrophic Disability Income Insurance

ASCE Group Catastrophic Disability Income Insurance can provide you with peace of mind should you become disabled. With this coverage, you will receive:

  • Up to 100% income replacement (maximum $10,000 per month)
  • Choose From Three Benefit Period Options
  • Choose From Four Waiting Period Options


Scheduled Dental Plan

As an ASCE member, you can get this vital coverage to protect you and your family's dental health when you need it most. With ASCE Scheduled Discount Dental, you'll have access to the following benefits:

  • Benefits provided for 155 different dental services
  • You select your own dentist
  • No waiting period for preventive or diagnostic treatment


Discount Dental Plan

As an ASCE member, you can get dental treatment at discounted costs for yourself and your family through the ASCE Group Discount Dental Plan. With the ASCE Group Discount Dental Plan, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Instant discounts and preventive care at little or no cost
  • No deductible or coinsurance
  • No claim forms to file or waiting for reimbursement


Group $3,500 First Diagnosis Cancer Insurance

The ASCE Group $3,500 First Diagnosis Cancer Insurance Plan is designed as a supplement to your existing health insurance as a means to pay you benefits in addition to your other coverage—saving you from the worry of rising medical costs during an already stressful time. With ASCE Group $3,500 First Diagnosis Cancer Insurance Plan you can receive:

  • Yearly $75 cash benefit for preventive cancer screening—available immediately
  • $3,500 given to you the first time you are diagnosed with cancer (except skin cancer) Not available in MN.
  • Use cash benefits any way you like—medical payments, travel, family, anything to help make your recovery easier and more comfortable/li>
  • Up to $50 a day for hospital stays
  • Up to $1000 for chemotherapy and radiation treatments (even on an outpatient basis)


Pet Insurance

Special Advantages of the Pet Insurance Program:

  • Save Money. Pet insurance can help you balance the cost of many annual or one-time expenses, as well as help you cover the cost of unexpected treatments.
  • Group Rates. When you insure your pet with Veterinary Pet Insurance through your association, you pay 5% less!


Plan Details:

  • Choice of veterinary worldwide
  • Claims processing handled by the pet insurance provider
  • Minimal treatment exclusions
  • No enrollment fees
  • Animals covered: Dogs (mixed breed and pure bred), cats (mixed breed and pure bred), birds, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, and other exotic pets.


Automobile Insurance

Make sure you and your passengers are protected from the unexpected each time you’re behind the wheel. This means having adequate insurance coverage for incidents related to an accident and the expenses that follow.


Hospital Income and Short-Term Recovery

If you're an ASCE active member, age 65 or over who is enrolled in Medicare, you are eligible to enroll. If you should suffer from an accident, surgery, or illness, you’ll likely want to be in control of your care.

  • Cash Benefits for Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility Stays
  • Cash Benefits for Home Recovery Care


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